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2017-09-22 15:33:54
3 Strategies to Getting your House Sold Quickly

If you’re selling your home so that you can purchase another you not only have a need for speed, but a need for the most money possible in the sale.

So, what’s the trick to getting a home sold quickly and for top dollar? Actually, there are several things you can do to speed up the process and make your home irresistible to buyers. Here are the top three:

  1. Price

The main reason a home sits on the market with little attention and no offers is price. One of the immutable laws of real estate is that overpriced homes take longer to sell.

Homebuyers know what your home is worth on the current market, so pricing it higher isn’t fooling anyone. Plus, what happens is that your home will show up in the Multiple Listing Service in searches of that price range. If your home is overpriced, your competition will be newer, larger, better located or in better condition.

Keep in mind that the longer a house languishes on the market the better the chances it will eventually sell for less than market value. So, price it right from the beginning and you’ll get to take full advantage of that “honeymoon period” that all new listings enjoy.

  1. Condition

To get your home sold, clean it. Sure, that sounds like basic common sense, but study after study confirms that buyers look for homes that appear to be in move-in condition. Dirty homes don’t fit that bill.

After cleaning the house, remove all the clutter. If you can fit a designer’s services into your budget, consider hiring a professional stager. Staging the home can mean the difference between getting bombarded with low offers and receiving top dollar for the home.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is strictly up to your real estate agent so it is critical that you hire one that excels at marketing homes.

When interviewing agents for the job of selling your home, ask to see a marketing plan. It should include samples of past marketing efforts. Are the photos clear and compelling? Are the descriptions intriguing enough to get you to want to view the home or do they appear to be dashed off haphazardly?

While there are other strategies that can help sell your home, these are the top three. Set the right price, get the house in tip-top shape and hire the right real estate agent.

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